Nice Mention in the Irish Times


Cantillon: Tony Spollen’s guide to success secures number one slot

Tony Spollen, the former head of internal audit at AIB Bank, whose questioning led eventually to all that emerged at the Dirt inquiry, must be pleased with himself these days.

Spollen, who since his AIB days has served on the board of the EBS Building Society and several other State-owned enterprises, as well as running a business advice and networking operation with business partner Detta Fanning, has penned a little volume, 50 Great Lessons from Life, (Oak Tree Press), distilling his life’s experiences into an accessible, easy-read guide to success – snippets of reality-check wisdom.

Having recently tip-toed into Amazon Kindle edition’s bestseller list in the education and leadership category, this week it secured the sought-after No 1 slot.

Readers evidently appreciate Spollen taking to heart No 32 in his list of 50: “When speaking avoid rambling. . . when writing, avoid padding”.