Lesson 3: Your health is more valuable than gold

It was a Sunday evening when the phone rang.

The caller sounded energetic and enthusiastic and full of life – as he always did.

But he had huge pressures.

He was suffering from cancer.

“How do you see the banking situation?” he asked.

We had a long discussion, and he thanked me for my thoughts.

Within a few months, he was dead.

Brian Lenihan was brilliant, hard-working, pleasant and had a great sense of humour.

Even though his background was in law, he became Ireland’s Minister for Finance at a time of enormous economic problems, both at home and abroad.

He faced his illness with courage.

He tried to stay strong.

Following chemotherapy, he would go to the Irish Parliament to answer questions, asking his political opponents to ignore his medical condition.

It is hard to be strong when your health suffers.

With good health, you have almost everything.

With poor health, life is tough.

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