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Tony Spollen’s book is a little gem. It is a life’s accumulated wisdom distilled to fifty essential points. This is a book which should always be within easy reach. Pat Kenny, Acclaimed Television and Radio Broadcaster, Ireland

What an enlightening experience and a wonderful view of the world. Most of my reading time is spent in blogs or technical publications. This read was a breath of fresh air and once available will be sent on to many close friends. I could quote pretty much every lesson in this book as very valuable but a couple really hit home:

  • 9 – Create a positive atmosphere.
  • 21 – Go for it.
  • 42 – Learn to write a short letter.

We spend a lot of time running at 100mph and sometimes need to regroup and take a look at what’s important in life.  This book for me spells it out beautifully. Congratulations and best of luck with the publication. Gary Evans, Chief Technical Officer, EMC Ireland

Tony Spollen’s 50 Great Lessons from Life is one of the most important books you will ever read! It is full of simple, yet profound, messages for every person and especially for leaders and managers in the private, public and voluntary sectors. Learning and using the 50 lessons are sure ways to live life to the full in every situation, alone or in interaction with others. Each lesson can be read in about one minute, but the content has taken the author years of experience to distil and displays a style of communications that is a pleasure to read and powerful in impact. This should be a well-thumbed and much consulted reference book and source of encouragement for everyone! Dr Con Power, Economic Affairs Director of IBEC and Director of the Institute of Technology Sligo (retired)

The beauty of Tony Spollen’s book is that it is born of a lifetime’s experience. This is no new age lifestyle guru simply dishing up his latest publication. This is a man who has dealt at close quarters with people all his life. He knows what makes us tick and what makes us miss a beat. In the sometimes austere, pressurised desert of the modern world this little book is an oasis that acts like a best friend. Mark Costigan, Communications Advisor to The Minister of Health, Ireland

Just finished your book and really enjoyed it. It has a refreshing honesty that gets to the point quickly. It is both the most simple and complex of books. It caused me to reflect as I read. Lessons 3, 21 and 24 had particular resonance to me. 42 professionally is a challenge I often come across! I think however each reader will find their own favourite parts of the book based on their life experience. I like the way the book has Irish notes in it but is ultimately a universal book. It could sell anywhere. We are in a fast-paced world where there is much focus on the transitory and instantaneous. This book doesn’t take long to read but it makes a lasting impression. Congratulations. Tom Lyons, Journalist, Sunday Independent

I found the book to be one that I could share with my teenage kids, my wife, my  siblings and mother. The key strength of the book is it’s conciseness. I like it’s ability to get to the point so efficiently which I have no doubt will appeal to our very busy world. Pat Moran, Partner, EMEIA Financial Services, Ernst & Young

Tony’s book is so special … It is beautiful in its simplicity, its brevity and its verity … what he writes is timeless. Tony O’Reilly Jnr.